Press Release

   It was a beautiful sunny day as I approached the 40-foot Motor Coach on Hilton Head Island, SC and was greeted by Dr. Briegel and his lovely wife, also Dr. Briegel.  They had just returned from riding their bicycles on the beach and around the island.

While I was struck by the beauty of the Motor Coach, I was much more impressed by their genuine warmth and how down to earth they were.  I felt right at home.  The visible enthusiasm and tremendous joy for their life’s work was palpable even after 38 years of helping individuals and families increase their health and wealth.  

I was anxious to delve into their story because anyone with this much visible success and happiness had to have quite a back story. I jumped right in to ask how long they had been married and was shocked to learn that they have been happily wed for over 40 years and most of that time included being in practice together and raising two beautiful successful daughters. They magically seemed to weave their practice into their lifestyle of healthy living, serving, giving and loving out of their own sense of abundance. They practice what they preach and they walk their talk!

They still love taking care of the wellness partners in person but are so grateful for the independent contractors, associate chiropractors and staff who work in their office. They have the liberty to take adventures across country from Georgia to Utah and to the northeast to visit their daughters and their grandchildren!

Dr. Lou shared his passion of driving his luxury coach while Dr. Laurie was obviously excited to take her Porsche Panamera on fast spirited rides wherever they stop to sight see!  

The Briegels’ financial success comes from multiple streams of residual income. First and foremost is income from their wellness practice, chiropractic, weight loss and hyperbaric chamber which currently exceeds $100,000/month.  Also, their ASEA global business is now topping five figures per month and elevating them to Double Diamond status and true leaders to their worldwide organization.

Drs. Lou and Laurie have literally inspired millions to transform their lives through setting an amazing positive example, educating and mentoring and truly loving every minute of it. Their vitality, mental clarity and enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring.

I want their life and they are going to teach me how!!