Week 16

An interesting week.  We started our cleansing for the year –  a water fast. Not that we are fasting from water, water is the only consumption.  As chiropractors, we have long, physically demanding days.  Our energy has been pretty good and we are now into day 5.  We did introduce a little fresh made vegetable… Continue reading Week 16

Week 15

Happy New Year everyone!  The year has started great and I can tell it is only going to get better! How can I tell?  Well for starters, I was so far ahead of myself that I was certain that I had written my week 15 blog and I was cruising through the week feeling so… Continue reading Week 15

Week 14

What a fun week.  Christmas started the week and I must admit I have been a little remiss in some of my readings, sits, etc., and late getting to my blog.  However, I also must admit, I didn’t feel a bit guilty about missing them!  I didn’t feel stressed out, didn’t attempt to make them… Continue reading Week 14

Week 13

Wow.  I feel like a top spinning around.  What makes it more tolerable is that I feel I have an anchor.  Continuing with the readings, the sits and everything else is calming.  Everything else is what seems to be spinning. It is like a perfect storm.  I can’t control what is happening and yet there… Continue reading Week 13

Week 12

The unexpected snow here in Georgia that lasted 26 hours, left us with almost a foot of a beautiful winter wonderland.  Everything was covered!  Every little tree branch, blade of grass, even clothes lines.  As soon as it stopped snowing the sky was cloudless and the bluest blue ever to be seen.  In fact, the… Continue reading Week 12

Week 11

Week eleven webinar was absolutely incredible.  It pulled so many things together and things are beginning to make more sense. However, like always, it seems more and more time is needed as things continue to ramp up at an even faster pace!  HOW CAN I GET EVERYTHING DONE??? Well as I left for the office… Continue reading Week 11

Week 10

And the movement continues. No webinar this week afforded a nice little break and an opportunity to get caught up.  There is still the battle with the old blue print.  Observation of the concussion of forces is an interesting experience. Interesting opportunities are beginning to present themselves to me in regards to the vision that… Continue reading Week 10