Week 21 and Week 22

Part of being alive is experiencing the ebb and flow of live itself.

It seems that I can’t get to my blog until Saturdays and now it seems I need to not wait till Saturday.  My Dad is in a rehabilitation center and I got a call Saturday at 6:30 am that he was being transferred to the hospital due to some concerns.  As the curve ball of life goes, little did I know how much “available” time I really had prior to Saturday.  Anyway, Dad is doing much better and is expected to be transferred back to the rehab facility tomorrow.

As we learn how Fear, Hurt feelings, Anger, Guilt and/or Unworthiness can be used as tools for expansion, instead of crippling us into a state of despair and desperation, it was interesting how ALL of these were present and expressive during this past week.  It is amazing how the concerns for the health of a 92 year old can bring focus to all of these at one time as family members are added into the mix.  The focus is good, however and the Fear is slayed by action, the Hurt feelings are insignificant, the Anger that once was is melted by love and appreciation for the present, and the Guilt and/or Unworthiness is insignificant when hugs are shared that should have been shared years ago and appreciation is voiced that should have been voiced far to many years ago.

Thanks to every one of you for being here, being present, loving life, and helping to steer the rudder as we support one another in staying focused with the true importance of relationships in live.


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