Week 20

It seems my week is so full anymore that I do not get to my blog until Saturday.  Oh well, not a bad thing.

Haanel says at 20:28 “You may use thought constructively or destructively, but the immutable law will not allow you to plant a thought of one kind and reap the fruit of another.”  The biggest challenge I have as a health care professional is helping people to understand this basic concept.  The only result, (fruit), that they can experience through their actions is sickness and disease.  Yet they want health.

Yes, people go to doctors in the hopes that the doctor can “fix” their “problem” and they can continue doing what they have always done that got them into this predicament in the first place.  It’s not that they necessarily don’t understand this.  As an example, most smokers say, “I need to stop smoking.  This is bad for my health.”  Knowledge in and of itself is nothing.  Knowledge plus action does make a difference.  The action is what is so difficult.

Darkness is the absence of light.  Sickness and disease is the absence of health.  One cannot “fight” sickness and disease anymore more than they can shovel out the darkness.  With the law of substitution, one can introduce healthy habits to replace unhealthy habits and in time, experience greater levels of health.  Unfortunately, as a society, we are addicted to instant gratification. We need to realize that if we have been growing apples, we cannot decide we want to harvest oranges.  The fruit of the tree we have been growing is apple, an orange tree takes as much time to harvest oranges.

Love yourself to make the changes now and be patient enough to allow those changes to take effect.  “I persist until I succeed.”

Until next week…


5 thoughts on “Week 20

  1. Oh if we just listen to ourselves!
    What would the person I intend to become do next?
    We certainly know what to tell our children and others when it comes to healing now don’t we?

    Well put Lou!


  2. True Health is one of my PPNs and I have launched an eating plan that has given me more energy, fewer joint problems and nice rewards. Forever grateful for our class for teaching me an actionable habit, persistence. Keep up the good blogs.


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