Week 17HJ

Great week.  Time keeps moving faster.  Plans keep getting changed.  Actions keep speeding up.  Do it now is no longer a saying, no thought is given to doing it now, I JUST DO IT!

The Vision Board, DMP and actions are all starting to receive gifts towards the future.  Movement towards that future is starting to show glimmers of light toward that future and an avalanche of new ideas, thoughts and challenges are being added.  Although they are being added, the focus still remains.

The Hero’s Journey week has been wonderful.  Reading Week 9 and 10 again is really quite interesting.  Even though each had been read 7 times prior, with great impact and influences to my being, it was as if I had been experiencing the beauty of the trail up the mountain at that particular point.  Now that I am higher up the mountain, as I look back, there is much more contextual texture surrounding lessons 9 and 10 and they have taken on greater meaning, they are more relevant and wow – it’s pretty awesome!

Until next week, remember to love one another.


6 thoughts on “Week 17HJ

    1. Just like riding a bike. The uphill can be brutal but going down the other side is really fun. I know we are not yet to the summit but it feels really good where we are!


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