Week 17

Another fun week.

As always, life keeps moving at an ever increasing pace and huge changes seem to be an every day occurrence. Of course subby seems to be a little less allowing as the old Blue print tries to hold on.  But I push forward and I persist until I succeed.

However, the world came to a halt.  Another deep freeze and snow storm in Georgia.  Yesterday we woke up to beautiful blanket of snow.  Laurie and I got in the car at 6 in the morning to drive the roads and decided that we didn’t want the staff and patients taking chances on the snowy icy conditions and closed the office for the day.  Aside from our readings and things we enjoyed the day in front of the fire, watched a movie and played “Cash Flow.”

What a great game.  We haven’t played it in a while but I enjoy it much more than Monoply.  It is designed to let everyone win, get out of the rat race and realize  their dreams!  If you don’t know about the game, it was developed by Robert Kiyosaki as part of his “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series of books.  It was great!

The “based in reality” experience is a great way to stimulate subby, grow your vision and gives great insight into options that we all have, which is a great depart from the this is how it will always be syndrome that we are all subjected to from time to time.

Everyone be blessed this week.


6 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. “Cash Flow” game does sound exciting to play. Your blog just reminded me that I promised my wife I would watch a movie with her this evening and it’s 8:37pm already. Catch you next time, Lou.


  2. Good thing to do, when shutting down the office for the day! I never heard of that game! Maybe is is “a US thing”? I like the idea though. Thank you for sharing!


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