Week 16

An interesting week.  We started our cleansing for the year –  a water fast.

Not that we are fasting from water, water is the only consumption.  As chiropractors, we have long, physically demanding days.  Our energy has been pretty good and we are now into day 5.  We did introduce a little fresh made vegetable juice and some bone broth yesterday.  And we continue…

We have cut back with our boot camp and other more strenuous physical activities and since we are not spending time preparing food we have had more time for our studies/lessons and more time for contemplation.

Our observation has been more acute and it seems almost strategically planned to have introduced the kindnesses this week.  When I got back into the car yesterday after running into the bank Laurie said I just witnessed two kindnesses.  I said, “oh yeah, what?”  “I just saw you hold the door for that gentleman entering the bank, you let him go before you and as you were coming out, you waited and held the door for a woman coming up to the bank.”  I said, “oh, I guess so.”

The thing is, that is my nature.  I didn’t even notice that as a kindness.  But she did and I am grateful for that.  We should all be more cognizant of our surroundings, our actions.  Even though we become slaves to good habits, we should always remain aware of and supportive of those good habits.

We keep growing and moving forward toward the things we love and want.



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