Week 15

Happy New Year everyone!  The year has started great and I can tell it is only going to get better!

How can I tell?  Well for starters, I was so far ahead of myself that I was certain that I had written my week 15 blog and I was cruising through the week feeling so good about starting off on a good foot.  It wasn’t until Mark sent out his gentle reminder about doing the blog that I actually questioned if I had done it.  What I discovered was that I was so late doing the week 14 blog, (the last minute), that I thought it was the week 15 early.

So life continues.

It is an interesting observation, now that the new blueprint is starting to take hold, how strongly entrenched subby must have been to the old blueprint that there is quite a battle going on.  It is more important than ever to maintain my focus, to stick with the readings, the sits, etc.

Where there is light there is hope.  I continue one step at a time with full knowledge that sun beams from my future self will be realized when I turn the next bend on my journey.


5 thoughts on “Week 15

  1. Great Blog Lou!
    Wow! I’m right there with you. I was checking our tribes blogs and for some reason kept thinking I already read yours. LOL SURPRISE! I must be off to a Great 2018 start also?
    Thanks for sharing Sir!


  2. Happy New Year 2018!!!
    I spent some time reading your blog and checking in on occasions with a comment or two. Congratutions. Week 14 and 15 during the Holiday Season, and into the New Year… You are becoming the self directive person you set yourself to become. I am glad you answered the call within. Keep on moving forward in changing your old blueprint…to gain what I think is going to be a life changing experience.
    I am looking forward to seeing you manifest your intentions.
    Julia Standish


    1. Opps… I already read your Week 14. and pasted the above comment on your blog. HAHA… I actually thought I was reading the next person’s blog, but I went to your week 15… HAHA… guess it was because I wanted to catch up on my blog following. You caught me!!


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