Week 13

Wow.  I feel like a top spinning around.  What makes it more tolerable is that I feel I have an anchor.  Continuing with the readings, the sits and everything else is calming.  Everything else is what seems to be spinning.

It is like a perfect storm.  I can’t control what is happening and yet there are certain things that I need to do regardless of what is happening all around me.  As long as I remain steadfast.  As long as I persist, I will succeed.

The center of the storm is said to be calm.  At times it feels like I am in the center and it is very calming.  How do I know that I am experiencing the center?  It doesn’t take long before I am spinning again.  Life is always changing and that is a constant.  A perfect storm is different than that.  The great concussion of forces between the old and new blueprints is interesting to experience.

Observation is key.  Becoming and being the observer grants with it great power to respond more appropriately than merely reacting to situations.  This is very comforting, relaxing and stabilizing.  Use your mind, keep your focus and follow your compass.


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