Week 12

The unexpected snow here in Georgia that lasted 26 hours, left us with almost a foot of a beautiful winter wonderland.  Everything was covered!  Every little tree branch, blade of grass, even clothes lines.  As soon as it stopped snowing the sky was cloudless and the bluest blue ever to be seen.  In fact, the only colors visible was white and blue.   It was a truly magical experience.

Speaking of  magical experiences, the Master Keys continue to get better and better as we dig deeper and deeper.

Why has Hannel been hidden to me before now?  It seems that I have been aware and read everyone else, and Hannel seems to be the grandaddy of them all.  Amazing.

“Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.”   A very interesting statement that when pondered upon the importance, truth and power that it exudes is not only worthy of consideration, but imperative that it is anchored within every cell of my being.

As the end of the year beckons forth, the challenges of keeping up with the readings and sits becomes more apparent and more important than ever to maintain the advances that have already been made.

As the new fallen snow was shaken from the trees, my old habits are being shaken from my soul!


3 thoughts on “Week 12

  1. I love when it snows like that & leaves a blanket of white over everything. Its so beautiful, peaceful & serene. I’m up in PA & we only got about 2 inches from that. It was still nice but it melted only a couple days later. So much for a White Christmas again this year. Wishing you much happiness & success. & also a Very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy & successful New Year!!


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