Week 10

And the movement continues.

No webinar this week afforded a nice little break and an opportunity to get caught up.  There is still the battle with the old blue print.  Observation of the concussion of forces is an interesting experience.

Interesting opportunities are beginning to present themselves to me in regards to the vision that I have been presenting to subby.  Opportunities for business growth, financial support and expansion have opened up and presented themselves to me.  It is interesting the expectant excited  feeling is subdued as my “shield calms me in times of exaltation.”

As my mind continues to swirl around this new experience, I recall some earlier times when events “just happened”  Now I realize that Universal Spiritual Law was in play as a result of my doing.

Have an awesome week and God Bless.

till next week,





4 thoughts on “Week 10

    1. Thank you Candi. Things are happening for you! Until the little shoot breaks the earth’s surface you can’t see, but rest assured that the seed has sprouted and the roots are digging deep!!


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