Week 8

It’s hard to fathom that the end of the second month is upon us!

The intensity of the learning, the pace of the course and the rapid changes that are taking place are, well, a little mind blowing.  But it is REALLY FUN!

The excitement of the visions.  The enthusiasm of the dreams.  It’s like being a kid with the anticipation of Christmas morning to see the gifts  – all of the gifts, just waiting for you to rip the paper off to display the hidden treasures!

The thing about the Golden Buddha is not to chip away the concrete on the outside to discover the magical inside.  It is to  infuse the inside with so much passion, desire, and purpose that the perfection that resides within has no choice other than to crack and shed and lay waste to the shell that has imprisoned our future self, not with concrete but rather our own bad habits.

So it is that the butterfly continues its diligent daily work towards the emergence from it’s transformational cocoon.


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