Week 7

The better it gets, the behinder I get.

Keeping up with all of the readings and sittings but got a little behind on completing all of week 6 assignments.  Week six was a trip out of town to visit friends and family that made it challenging.  However, I feel really good that I was able to keep up with all the established readings.

It was fun finishing the shapes pages and getting them posted around the house.  Now on to completing the assignments for week 7.  Had to listen to Sundays webinar on Tuesday as I was traveling on Sunday.

The one thing I am still lacking is checking out other blogs, about me and the Press Releases.  Now that my attention is there, I will begin to forage into that arena.

Looking forward to the day I can experience only “an hour” a day.  LOL


5 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. You are not alone! And this is how life is, isn’t it? Each week is filled with the “things” we do, but surprising for me with some of the changes i’m making, there IS a little more time! I hope you are finding that too.


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