Week 19

Well I did it, or not.  I failed to write my blog for week 19.  So here it is past the “deadline”.  But I always keep my promises.  Sometimes the timeline is a little different than intended as “stuff” gets in the way or I just lose my attention or focus. I’m reminded of the… Continue reading Week 19

Week 18

Where does the time go? Reading the obituaries and Scroll 5 has been an interesting experience.  My attention has been more focused.  I have been  more aware of kindnesses, both by myself and observation of others.  Observing others is a great thing but being aware of my own makes me want to seek out opportunities… Continue reading Week 18

Week 17HJ

Great week.  Time keeps moving faster.  Plans keep getting changed.  Actions keep speeding up.  Do it now is no longer a saying, no thought is given to doing it now, I JUST DO IT! The Vision Board, DMP and actions are all starting to receive gifts towards the future.  Movement towards that future is starting… Continue reading Week 17HJ

Week 17

Another fun week. As always, life keeps moving at an ever increasing pace and huge changes seem to be an every day occurrence. Of course subby seems to be a little less allowing as the old Blue print tries to hold on.  But I push forward and I persist until I succeed. However, the world… Continue reading Week 17